Spam Prevention and Management Best Practices for Your Community

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1. Prevent spam before it happens 

Stop spam before it starts with these proactive measures. 


#PreventionBenefitAdmin Path URL
1Turn on the Spam Prevention Micro-Service*

Ability to:

  • Moderate all non-English posts if the community is set to English
  • Moderate all posts by user accounts < 24 hours
  • Moderate all posts that are repetitive


* NOTE: To gain the benefits of the Spam prevention micro-service, you must first create a Jive Support case requesting the Spam Prevention Service be turned on for your community.  (Need help to create a Jive Support Case, see How to Create Support Cases over in the Jive Community.)


* NOTE:  Page and options available after service turned on by Jive.
2Registration ValidationAdditional verification that the registrant is an individual and not a robot.
3Create Keyword InterceptorsPrevents content from being created at all. Prompts user with a message stating "Sorry this content is not allowed."
4Change Open Groups to MembersChange Open groups to Members Only so that users need to join the group in order to post content. This creates a barrier for the spammers to post.In your Group, Manage > Settings > Select Public Group > Restricted


2. Spam management after an attack 

Best practices dealing with spam removal after an attack. If you are under Spam attack, Social Edge recommends performing the following steps:

  1. Perform #1 and #2 in section 1. Prevent spam before it happens, and then
  2. Perform #1 through #7 in this section
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1Deactivate User Immediately

This will stop the user from continuing to post in the community. By deactivating and not deleting the user prevents the user from recreating the same account.  *Do not delete the user.
2Create Spam Secret Quarantine Group

The Secret Spam Quarantine group benefits are to:

  • house all spam content for investigation.
  • keeps spam content hidden from all members
  • promote less noise in the community
  • have a place to work while cleaning up the spam secretly
Create a Secret Spam Quarantine Group in your community.
3Move spam content into a Secret Quarantine group

Keeping the content will help you/Jive better understand the contents of the spam and set-up the appropriate spam filters accordingly.

Content is moved into the secret Quarantine group and only visible to this team.

When the spam attack is over, the content can be deleted

Create > Spam Quarantine

4Verify content didn't bypass the Keyword Interceptors *

This will confirm that the content didn't bypass an already created keyword interceptor. 


No text found on the extended properties page of the admin console after conducting a search (ctrl f / cmd f) for specific content strings taken from the spam content. If highlighted content appears, this means that the keyword interceptor text matches the text in the new spam content. Further investigation would need to be done to identify how it made it through.

Take the subject string and strings of content from the body and do a search in the admin console on the extended properties page under spaces > extended properties.

* Note: This step can only be performed if Keyword Interceptors already exist in your community.

5Setup new or additional Keyword Interceptors
  • This will stop future spam content from actually being created in the community. 
  • No content will post in the community with these interceptor keywords immediately from the date the interceptor is created.
  • The user will see a message stating "Sorry this content is not allowed" making it impossible for the user to save the content.

Create multiple keyword interceptors containing a variety of combinations of the spam content subject lines and the content within it  Create the display message presented to the user if they click post on content created with spam matching the interceptor.  A message similar to "Sorry this content is not allowed." The user is forced to change the context of the title and/or body before posting.

6Bulk delete user content

Allows admins to view and delete the spam content all at once or selectively under a specific username.

For Jive 8: Delete user content in bulk from with the admin console.

  1. Go to the People > User Search
  2. Search for the user and click the users' name to enter the person document
  3. Click one of the views available; view discussion messages, view documents, view blogs, at the top of the page
  4. Select all content or specific items, and click delete selected or delete all messages 

For Jive Cloud: Delete user content in bulk from the Manage > Settings of the Quarantine Secret group

7Moderate Content with External Links 
  • This will stop future spam content from actually being created in the community. 
  • No content will post in the community from the date the interceptor is created.
  • The user will see a message stating "Sorry this content is not allowed.


3. Additional prevention methods 

Use any or a combination of these features to further refine your community needs to keep spam out. 

#PreventionBenefitAdmin Path URL
1New account moderation
  1. Message Governor Interceptor:  This limits the rate at which users can post messages. The rate is no more than once every {0}> seconds. The user receives a rejection message if they attempt multiple posts within the post interval.
  2. Spam Prevention Service-Moderate all posts by user accounts < 24 hours old.
  3. Link moderation: all content by users who do not have a certain amount of status points is automatically moderated if the content includes external links. Prevent posting too many pieces of content by the number of points the user has. *Permission groups can be whitelisted
2Blocking embargoed countriesPrevents users from creating accounts and content from these countries: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria
3ProfanityPrevents users from saving content with x-rated words!input.jspa
4Adding a domain blacklistStops users from listed domains from registering in the community.  This should be filled with disposable email domains (Do not block these domains:,, etc. should still be allowed.)

Admin Console: People > Settings > Registration Settings

Here is a list of disposable and temporary email address domains often used to register dummy users in order to spam/abuse some services.

5Ban Users/IPPrevents the user from registering into the Community to post content.
6Moderation Controller

Enable a set of users and groups that always or never require moderation.

Modify the Moderation Controller. Add users into necessary fields.

*Moderate Content

Moderate the Community, Social Groups, and/or Spaces as a whole or individually

*Note: This will override the Jive Advanced Micro-Service Link feature because the Moderate content feature is set on the community, space or group and will send all content to moderate.
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