MOSAIC Tile & Widget Feature Comparison

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The MOSAIC widget has been one of our most popular widgets since we launched it a few years ago. With a number of clients using it in their communities, it was only natural to create this same unique and eye-catching content display widget as a Tile.  


As many communities are transitioning from widget based landing pages to Tiles, this tile is the perfect addition to your roster. Just like the widget, we developed the tile with the community manager in mind. Not only it is easy to update, configure and manage, it looks great in your community.


This table below explains in more detail what's been added, enhanced and changed in the new MOSAIC Tile. 


Tile vs Widget Feature Comparison


FeaturesMOSAIC TileMOSAIC Widget
Easy Configuration - No HTML!All configuration is done in the Configuration Panel that is included in the tile.  This configuration panel is included in all Tiles by Social Edge Updates to the widget are done via a Jive document.
Multiple style options

Choose from three styles for each story: Classic, Fade and Flat.

Live PreviewUse the live preview in the configuration panel to view changes to the tile before you publish.
Create & Copy a MOSAIC templateUse the Copy/Paste Configuration (in the configuration panel) to save your configuration options and paste in other MOSAIC tiles in the community for consistency.
Multiple Configuration Settings
  • Set brand colors
  • Select number of columns, height and rounded corners
  • Set gutter width and margins
  • Set opacity and hover options for select styles

*More configuration settings included!

  • Set brand colors
  • Set number of columns
Custom FontsOur tile supports custom fonts from Google Fonts or your self-hosted fonts.
Responsive Layout Stories always fill the column they're placed in and resize based on the screen size.Stories will automatically rearrange and crop to stack perfectly on the screen.
Automatic Image DetectionWhen linking to community content, you can automatically have MOSAIC pull the first image on that page to display in the tile.
Add Social DataDisplay the number of likes and comments for the Jive content this tile links to.
Use of MOSAIC in multiple community placesAdd the tile to any Tile based page. Simply select it from the Tiles menu.Add a new MOSAIC widget to any widget based page (add new widget & editing document for each).
Free TrialWith all our Tiles we have a 30-day money back guarantee. You can purchase, download, and test the tile in your Jive community and if you're not satisfied, simply delete it in your Jive community within 30 days for a refund.30-day trial download for anyone interested in testing out MOSAIC in their Jive community. 


Check out MOSAIC Tile for more information on the Tile and how to purchase.