The “X” Factor Behind Implementing a Successful JiveX Community

What is the “X” factor that makes the JiveX platform successful? JiveX changes the external community game and gives a direct line to your customers with the flexibility and innovation that comes with a Jive community.

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Our Array of Services Include:

business iconBusiness Implementations

Social Edge can create the social intranet you need and suggest best practices to manage your online community. We help train staff to overcome issues such  as compliance concerns, archiving and categorizing content, marketing to diverse demographics and cultures, as well as help with translation services. 

business iconTechnical Implementations

We can help you navigate Jive’s administrative console and provide guidance regarding system integration. Social Edge provides personalized system administration support to supplement existing I/T on Jive module installation.

business iconPost-Launch Strategies

Social Edge offers additional services including Jive-savvy staff to supplement your core team and custom metrics (big data). We can generate reports measuring usage and growth along business lines, as well as usage by country or region.

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About Social Edge Consulting

Social Edge can jump start your social collaboration efforts with team members who specialize in:
  • business adoption
  • social intranets
  • community management
  • training
  • communication