We're your digital community consultants. Building dynamic modern intranets and customer communities that empower our clients and their customers, partners, and employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

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What we do

Create Connection Through Modern Intranets, Digital Workplaces & Customer Communities

By embracing cutting-edge digital platform technology, we enable businesses to gain a competitive edge, boost productivity, engage employees and customers, reduce operational costs, and maintain agility in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Modern Intranets

The heartbeat of your organization, nurturing a culture of connection, collaboration, and innovation among your employees, where every voice is heard, ideas are shared, and company values are brought to life. Embrace the power of an intranet today.

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Customer Communities

Where your customers and partners come together. Fuelling customer engagement, delivering top-tier support, and transforming your customers into brand advocates. Supercharge your business with a thriving customer ecosystem.

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Intranet & Customer Community

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Our Services

Intranet & Customer Community Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs. From finding the perfect intranet or customer community solution for your organization, with our platform evaluation services. To supporting your community through your migration, platform configuration, implementation, strategy and community management - we do it all.

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Unlock success with our FREE monthly Office Hours! Get expert insights on AI, community engagement, meaningful metrics, and more from our seasoned strategists at Social Edge. Join us and ask anything to level up your intranet and customer community game!


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What our clients are saying

Wiley Testimonial  | Social Edge Consulting

From the beginning, our build posed unique challenges; multiple customer communities with competing needs, each requiring distinct branding and heavy customization. But our partnership with Social Edge helped guide us throughout the process to identify limitations and find creative solutions. The team from Social Edge was critical to ensuring the successful implementation of our Jive instance.

Beetna Kim Baird
Pearson Testimonial | Social Edge Consulting

Here at Pearson we felt it was time to shake things up in our Neo community. And the shake up came in the shape of this beautiful tile from the team at Social Edge Consulting.

Kim England

We accelerated our timeline for launch and were able to accomplish this thanks to the quick support of the Verint Community team and Social Edge Consulting. As of April 21, the community has grown to over 650 engaged members sharing much-needed credible resources and best practices to help navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage anyone in the early childhood field to join our growing community.

Colleen Murphy
Early Childhood Connector
Health Catalyst

The expert team from Social Edge had done several migration efforts to the platform before, so they had a seamless process and a smart project plan, which allowed us to migrate the content efficiently and with a lot less stress than we would have, had we tried to do it ourselves. We had a very successful migration that happened on time and on budget - what few issues we did find were quickly identified and mitigated.

Kate Weaver
Health Catalyst
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Varonis Connect's simple and elegant interface empowers users to take full advantage of the potential of the Varonis platform and our individual products, while they connect and share ideas with other Varonis and enterprise IT experts.

David Gibson

Social Edge was instrumental in our Jive community migration and launch. Moving 75k pieces of content from three disparate systems required thoughtful planning, organization and ultimately their assistance in the execution of the migration was crucial. We were able to preserve our 10 year history of conversations and importantly our search engine rankings and traffic volumes.

Helen Trim

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