From tiles and widgets to integrations and add-ons, we are continuously working on developing products to create added functionality for community managers, admins and users. Browse our suite of currently available products or contact us for development of features tailored to the needs of your platform.

Tiles & Widgets

Tiles, widgets, panels, boxes - call them what you want. They help organize the dashboard, homepage, and landing pages in your community.

Tiles by Social Edge

Tiles by Social Edge are tiles we’ve developed and perfected based on our experience working with 300+ clients. Experience gained building these tiles for customers, and getting feedback on them in live environments, allowed us to reimagine and upgrade them in their current form. These custom tiles available for purchase in our online store. 

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Community Manager Tile Pack

With our expertise in building repeatable solutions with broad appeal across industry verticals, we are happy to announce we are now offering our Community Manager Tile Pack for $10K annually - a significant bundle deal in lieu of purchasing each tile individually for a total of $34K. We believe that the full suite of custom tiles can exponentially improve a community, and we want to make that goal attainable for all of our customers.

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Custom Widgets

You dream it, we build it. Have a need for a custom widget to feature content or enhance the look of your community? From stock tickers and world clocks to interactive maps, we build custom widgets that meet your organization's unique business requirements.

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Integrations & Add-ons

Our team of experts can guide you through the process of merging your external systems with your online community platform.

GDPR Products

We have developed GDPR Apps that enable you to manage and respond quickly to any data requests and provide a user with the ability to provide or withdraw consent to the use of their personal data. Together, these apps make it easy for you to make use of Jive's API to ensure your Jive instance is GDPR compliant, allowing you to fulfill your obligations as a data controller.

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Because people need to use different technologies in their working lives, we often need to integrate with other systems and extend the native features of a community platform. For example, integrating with Salesforce is a frequent requirement where we have delivered a unified collaboration and communication experience, one that people actually use.

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Add-ons & Apps

We offer hundreds of apps and add-ons that can enhance and extend your platform with ready-to-use functions. Many apps and add-ons are available as a packaged product, ready to be installed immediately after purchase. Alternatively, a custom built app or add-on can be developed to meet your specific requirements.

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What customers are saying about our products

Oh @social_edge, you’re rocking my world with the Mosaic tile! We have all the tiles! Can’t wait to play with them all! #cmgr #geek

Dina Vekaria
Community Manager @ Pearson

We have the Jive Bay Area User Group tomorrow that I am hosting and Social Edge will be there presenting some great Tiles for Jive that makes it look more like Wordpress on how it renders content. The Mosaic Tile and the Blog Tile are the ones our users are most excited about.

Mahal Torres
Senior IT Systems Admin @
Palo Alto Networks

Social Edge Consulting has developed some great tiles to help fill some of the gaps, including a Blog tile that we use (and love!).

Maren Beckman
Community Manager @ Pearson

Also, I've been saying this for awhile, but I totally wish Aurea/Jive would just go ahead and purchase Social Edge Consulting already ... use them as your tile-development division.

Chris Wilson
Enterprise Community Manager @
Windstream Communications

That tile you are asking about is actually a custom widget that we had built for our home page. If you are interested in a similar widget, you can contract with Jive's professional services for the same, or another partner such as Social Edge (who developed this widget for us).

Libby Taylor
Community Manager @ Jive

You can use Helpful Links and add images there. Or get one of the Social Edge tiles that allow adding images to provide navigation. We use the Mosaic quite a bit, but I know they have others that might be easier to use for a use case like this.

Tracy Maurer
Community and Knowledge Management @ Commvault


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