Zapier Scales Up Internal Communication Operations for their fully distributed team

In January 2022, following a decade of growth and innovation, Zapier sought a platform to scale its internal communication operations Zapier relied on Social Edge Consulting, a LumApps partner, to help with the implementation and customization of its online community and employee engagement efforts. Zapier ’s dispersed and international workforce, which increased by 45% in 2022, relied on Slack and a mix of tools to keep their employees informed and updated. However, this process became increasingly harder to manage, so they needed to improve their solutions. Zapier consolidated several tools by implementing LumApps, improving the employee experience for their workforce.

The Challenge

Previously, Zapier relied on a mix of tools for internal communications. They managed a “playbook” through GitHub documents and an internal blog tool built on Wordpress technology. These tools served their purpose, but with so much new information, communications, and employees - content management and customization challenges arose.

The Github solution was difficult to keep up to date, and require d technical skills to manage. This bottleneck of upkeep created a poor user experience. Zapier opted for something built for long-term scalability and growth.

1000 - 1500
Views Per Week
Adoption Rate
Content Contributors

Why Zapier Chose LumApps

Solution consolidation and ease of use key factors for Zapier. Another crucial factor was LumApps’ dedication to accessibility. The transparent accessibility documentation jived with Zapier’s company culture.

Additionally, Zapier is a technical company. Their employees, even non-developers, live for APIs and automation. They’ve also been collaborating across company silos since the company’s inception. This meant a simplified or “one-size-fits-all” solution did not ring the bell. LumApps provided the level of customization and product release communication that Zapier looked for.

"We were looking for that right balance of power and ease of use to achieve our goals around content quality for our corporate information."
Elise Dunham
Knowledge Manager | Zapier

LumApps and Zapier relied on Social Edge Consulting to help with implementation and customization. Social Edge, a longtime LumApps partner, specializes in online communities and employee engagement.

Their team managed Zapier’s product training and implementation and were ideal thought partners during the change management process.

Key Use Cases

Corporate information distribution

Corporate news and resources are delivered via LumApps, powered by segmentation and metadata, to the Zapier employee base.

Automation integrations

For example, a “Zap” triggers to post the most recent news posts to a specific all-company Slack channel.

Customization and flexibility

Zapier uses metadata, governance and customizable widgets to deliver information to the right place at the right time.

"LumApps provides the metadata to make these widgets work how I want them to work. I appreciate the LumApps platform for things like menu customization, a strong CMS, and some complexity with how the system works. It hits the right notes for power and customization while still operating in a simple way for the end user.”
Elise Dunham
Knowledge Manager | Zapier

The Results

With LumApps and Social Edge, Zapier has partners for growth. The all-remote workforce grew by around 300 employees since launching LumApps. Their group of dynamic and evolving employees, with around 100 content contributors, requires a versatile platform built for scale. As Zapier continues to gr ow alongside the LumApps platform, they’re looking to integrate new features such as Spaces, broadcasts to Slack, and more.