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Accordion Tile

$3,500 / year

What's a great way to present content in Jive? One way we've discovered is a menu with expandable sections, like an accordion, which allows you to visually group content within the sections.

This idea, originally built for a number of our customers, became the Accordion Tile. Admins love it because they can sort and share a fair-sized amount of content in a folder-like way. To users, it's immediately obvious how content is related within and across sections.

The Accordion Tile is particularly popular among internal community managers, allowing them to group materials related to health benefits, marketing collateral, operational guidelines, and so on. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. It has 101 uses.

Key features

  • Customizable accordion-style tile for your Jive home or landing pages
  • Designed to optimize user interactions by providing sortable content
  • Add custom HTML above the tile to welcome users and provide context
  • Use the live preview in the configuration panel to view changes to colors and text
  • Select an icon for each of your links from a preset library or your own uploaded set of icons
  • Layout expands or contracts within a wide or narrow column and in mobile wherever it is placed

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