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Great way to showcase blogs
"This tile is one my faves! The tile that comes out of the box with our Jive community is very limiting. The SE Blog tile is more visually appealing. Having the author avatar, borders and social aspect on the tile itself makes it much more engaging easy to like and comment."
Dina Vekaria
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Blog Tile

$3,000 / year

Blogs are an integral part in sharing news and updates in your Jive community. Our Blog Tile allows you to more visually and clearly display your blogs on any page.

This responsive, customizable tile will dynamically pull in your blog's details - including title, excerpt, images, and author avatars. This allows you to draw attention to your biggest stories and place emphasis on how they appear. With our easy-to-use configuration panel, editing the look and feel of the tile is a breeze, thus allowing you to easily match your brand and theme.

Key features

  • Choose from two layout options for the tile view
  • Automatically display blog images or author avatars
  • Display blog excerpt to preview the content

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