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Event Tile

$3,500 / year

Looking for more options to events in your community? We've got the tile for you.

Our customizable Event Tile allows you to display current and upcoming events on the both the community homepage or landing page. It's configurable to show filters by event categories and tags, as well as organize multiple tabbed pages of events coming from one or more places. (Note: Default event categories are only available in Cloud; however administrators using Hosted or On Premise can use optional Tags to organize in a similar fashion)

With the easy-to-use configuration panel, you can quickly adjust the look and feel, colors, fonts, links, and text associated with the tile whenever you choose.

Key features

  • Display curated events on your community home page
  • Curate display of events based on a place or places
  • Curate display of events based on tags
  • Design a custom HTML header and/or footer for the tile.
  • Save individual events to your calendar

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