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Slack Integration

$10,000 / year

Do your community members work in both Jive and Slack? With our connector, you can now connect any Jive space or group to a Slack channel in a workspace.


  • Share Jive content into Slack via Jive and Reply Back


  • Connect a Jive Place (Group or Space) with a Slack Channel
  • Then Sync Jive content into Slack automatically
  • New content posted in your Jive place will then appear in the Slack Channel


  • And search for Jive content without having to leave your Slack workspace.

More Features:

  • This integration syncs with just one Slack workspace, but can connect to many channels within that workspace. We hard-code the URL for your Slack workspace into the product. This version 1.0.0
  • Compatible with Cloud and Hosted/On Premise versions of Jive


Our Slack Integration for Jive starts at $10K annually, although price may vary based on company size. For more information on pricing for your information, email us at contact@socialedgeconsulting.com.

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