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Slider Tile

$3,500 / year

If we could only create one tile for our customers, it would be the Slider Tile. It is the single most requested tile by our customers, and it's not a mystery why. It's core to how you communicate the value of your Jive community.

The Slider Tile allows you to rotate timely and important announcements, news, events, and more, on your Jive homepage or a key landing page. As a community manger, you can lead your audience directly to what's actionable.

We view this tile as straightforward and high value. That's why we took extra care to make it easy for you to configure with custom images, links, fonts, and so on. The result is a polished, even beautiful, slider that you'll feel great about publishing every time.

Key features

  • Customizable slider for your Jive home or landing pages
  • Visually impactful way of showcasing important announcements, news, and more
  • Large, legible titles with custom fonts draw attention

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