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Video Tile

$4,000 / year

Looking for more options to display company videos and other featured videos in your community? We've got the tile for you.

Our customizable Video Tile allows you to display videos in a gallery format. You can choose from two layout options to either display an individual video or curate a set of videos from a specific place in Jive or an external source. You can even override a default video thumbnail image with an image of your choosing for a curated individual video.

With the easy-to-use configuration panel, you can quickly adjust the look and feel, colors, fonts, links, and text associated with the tile whenever you choose.

Key features

  • Feature a gallery of videos on any page with a featured video, or feature just one video. Unlike the current out-of-the-box Jive video tile, our tile is not limited to just displaying the video that was picked as featured content.
  • Curate individual videos and override the default video thumbnail image with another image.
  • Pick a place and automatically allow videos to appear in the tile based on most recently uploaded. Videos can also be YouTube and Vimeo (which is supported by Jive)

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