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Image Gallery

$500 - $5,000 / year *

Looking for a great way to showcase images in your SharePoint site?  The Image gallery web part can be used to share collections of pictures on a page. With the Image Gallery Web Part by Social Edge admins can easily configure different styles for each gallery web part. Each web part allows different style options and customizable features to best match your community’s visual identity & brand. 

Why users love it?

The Image Gallery Web Part increases the visibility of images on your site pages and increases employee engagement by making these images easy to navigate through. It is immediately obvious to users how images are related and grouped within a page. This product has been designed to optimize user interactions by providing images in a grid-like layout.

An admins favorite tool

This Web Part is particularly popular among internal community managers and admins for several reasons. Not only is it easy to use, and configure; it allows you to group and categorize content images in one place. For example within a watercooler area photos related to team outings can be grouped in one Image Gallery whereas Group volunteer work can be grouped in another. 

Configuration is simple, with multiple options available for admins to choose from. Another reason you’ll love it - select text styling for all text elements presented.

You will quickly become your community's favorite admin with the use of this Web Part!

Key Features

  • Customizable: From layouts, colors, fonts, and images - this extremely customizable Web Part keeps you on brand.
  • Optimized with users in mind: Designed to optimize user interactions by providing grouped images in a grid-like style.
  • Supported in multiple views: Layout expands or contracts within a wide or narrow column and in mobile. Wherever it is placed the elements within the Image Gallery will be realigned to fit the best available space. 

Impress your users with the use of the Image Gallery Web Part and make their day to day easier!

* Note: Pricing is determined by number of platform users. The $500 / year minimum provides access for up to 500 users. Additional users are $1 per user, with the maximum product pricing being $5,000 / year.

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