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$500 - $7,500 / year *

Our Mosaic Web Part allows you to curate key content and stories in a visual and dynamic layout.

The main concept behind Mosaic is stories. A story is a content item you want to highlight on your SharePoint landing page with images, custom titles, subtitles, and links. Within Mosaic, stories are arranged automatically in an optimal mosaic-like layout.

Unlike other Web Parts, Mosaic displays visual calls-to-action rather than providing simple links or graphics, making it a purposeful and engaging element of your SharePoint landing pages.

Easy to curate content

Communications managers and admins love how easy it is to use the Mosaic Web Part.From content curation to design, the set-up is simple and user friendly. Elements of a story can be defined by selecting content from SharePoint or manually inputting an internal or external link.

Admin can easily modify a story’s layout, title, colors, and images, as well as assign height and width dimensions. Mosaic was designed to automatically arrange the stories in an optimized layout.

Another impressive feature within Mosaic is the ability to define stories with categories. For example, to make certain content types more recognizable to employees, admins can select a relevant icon for each category

To support your brand, Mosaic has different styles and options to match your company guidelines and visual identity in SharePoint.

Our Mosaic Web Part provides an image rich and engaging user interface. Set-up does not require advanced technical skills. Images are automatically resized, so additional photoshop or HTML rendering is unnecessary. Mosaic also uses responsive design for mobile devices.

Key Features

  • No code configuration panel: Configure Mosaic without advanced technical skills. Once configured, the options can be saved for re-use in additional Mosaic Web Parts throughout your Sharepoint site.
  • Select from three distinct mosaic-like styles to present stories: Built-in Mosaic styling offers distinct story styles, including “Fade,” “Classic," and “Flat.”
  • Stay on-brand with customizable fonts and colors: Easily stay on-brand with Mosaic’s customizable themes, colors, and fonts.

With an emphasis on no-code configuration combined with design styles, our Mosaic is an extremely engaging Web Part!

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* Note: Pricing is determined by number of platform users. The $500 / year minimum provides access for up to 500 users. Additional users are $1 per user, with the maximum product pricing being $7,500 / year.

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