An Offer for Khoros JX Clients

Andrew Kratz

In these challenging times, we are wishing you, your families, friends, and colleagues well.

As you know, in early February, Khoros announced that they would be sunsetting the JX platform by December 31, 2020, so time is of the essence. We recognize that many organizations didn’t budget for this situation and end-of-year deadline. We want to help.

Social Edge is offering to defer payment of 75% of migration and implementation fees to 2021.

Below we have put together some sample pricing based on community size, so you can see how our payment deferment offer can help you migrate to a new platform this year without putting a strain on your 2020 budget.

Our offer is available starting today through June 30, 2020 for all new migration project inquiries.

Social Edge supports and has facilitated successful migrations to multiple community platforms, including Higher Logic, Khoros (formerly Lithium), Verint Community (formerly Telligent), and Salesforce. Many of these platforms are willing to defer your first license payment until your community goes live, helping to minimize overlapping license payments.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer or learning more about how this could impact your community specifically, simply reply to this email or contact us at