Introducing Mosaic for SharePoint: Enhance Your Landing Pages with Engaging Visual Content

John Scully

A SharePoint landing page is often the first impression users have of your organization. It is a crucial opportunity to make a positive impact and engage your audience. That's where our Mosaic Web Part comes in.

Mosaic for SharePoint allows you to curate key content and stories in a visual and dynamic layout. With Mosaic, you can transform your SharePoint landing pages into an engaging and eye-catching interface.

Introducing Mosaic for SharePoint: Enhance Your Landing Pages with Engaging Visual Content

The concept behind Mosaic is stories. A story is a content item you want to highlight on your SharePoint landing page with images, custom titles, subtitles, and links. Mosaic automatically arranges stories in an optimal mosaic-like layout, providing a visually compelling call-to-action.

One of the standout features of Mosaic is its ease of use. Communications managers and admins can quickly and easily curate content and design the layout without requiring advanced technical skills. Mosaic offers a no-code configuration panel, making it easy to customize and set up with your branding guidelines.

Along with being user-friendly, Mosaic offers a range of customizable options to match your company's visual identity. Admins can select from three mosaic-like styles to present stories, including "Fade," "Classic," and "Flat." Mosaic also offers customizable themes, colors, and fonts, allowing you to stay on-brand and consistent with your organization's visual identity.

Mosaic's responsive design ensures that your content looks great on mobile devices, and images are automatically resized, eliminating the need for additional photoshop or HTML rendering.

Mosaic also offers the ability to define stories with categories, making it easy to recognize and categorize content types. Admins can select a relevant icon for each category to support their branding and visual identity. Mosaic blends in perfectly with all the other ways you can customize SharePoint for your organization.

Overall, our new Mosaic Web Part is an excellent addition to any SharePoint landing page. It provides an engaging and visually appealing interface that allows you to highlight key content and stories. With its no-code configuration panel and customizable options, Mosaic is easy to set up and use, making it a great tool for communications managers and admins alike. 

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