JiveWorld 2012

Andrew Kratz

As summer ends and fall approaches, we are looking forward to the social collaboration event of the season, Jive World 2012 in October. As a Silver sponsor, the Social Edge Consulting team and I are eager to hear the latest developments from Jive, as well as the benefit from the unlimited opportunities to network with clients and leaders in the field. We have a number of success stories to share at Jive World, where I was selected to be a "ringside expert" for a panel discussion on October 11.

Jive World is one of the most important meetings we will attend this year, and the best venue to solidify our relationships with clients who come back to us again and again for our expertise and support in their social endeavors. The Social Edge team is committed to the social workspace and proud to be a sponsor of Jive World 2012. As we work exclusively with Jive software, Social Edge partners with clients on their social platform implementation, and develops solutions to accelerate the growth of their fully-launched community. Our core team members were clients of Jive at some of the most well-known Fortune 500 companies in the world.

As a result, we understand the user experience and how to maximize the benefits of social collaboration tools for large firms with multiple locations and populations. Jive World is a chance for us to learn how our colleagues are progressing on their social journey and where we can add value.

As a member of one of the expert panels at Jive World, I will talk about the benefits of the social intranet, why it's necessary and how Jive can help. We'll discuss how information, including expertise and strategic goals that help to build a corporate memory, flows freely across those companies who collaborate using social tools. We'll also debate how employees benefit from a social intranet where individuals can have their voices and ideas heard. Since it's an open discussion format, I look forward to answering any questions and meeting everyone.

Jive World 2012 is the "social event of the year" and we hope to see you there!