New Complimentary Platform Evaluation Service

Amara Lennon

Our complimentary platform evaluation and selection process focuses on matching platform features and strengths to your organization's requirements.

If your organization is looking for your next-generation digital workplace or customer community, we can help you evaluate the available options that will best meet your unique business requirements.

Now more than ever, with this new normal and remote work environment, organizations are looking for more innovative online community platforms to significantly improve communication and collaboration for employees and customers.

There are a wide variety of community software platforms to choose from in the market with different degrees of focus. With so many options available, deciding on the platform that will be the best fit for your organization can prove difficult.

Whether you currently have an online community and are interested in exploring alternative options, or you're new to the online community space and are looking to implement one for the first time, Social Edge can help you find the platform that will work best for your organization's unique requirements.

To learn more about this complimentary platform evaluation service, download our guide on evaluating community platforms!