Embracing the Future of Work: Social Edge Pilots 4-Day Work Week

Monica Fahrer

At Social Edge, we constantly explore new ways to deliver value to our clients and our invaluable team. This summer, we're piloting a four-day work week, marking our commitment to fostering a balanced work-life culture and harnessing the power of rested minds for creativity and innovation.

As experts in community platforms, we understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability. We're applying these principles internally by designating Fridays as a flex day for all employees. But what does a flex day mean for us at Social Edge? It's a day off, with the understanding that our team remains reachable in the event of an urgent issue raised by a client, partner, or colleague. 

Our Goal For This Four-Day Work Week Initiative Is Bold Yet Achievable

We anticipate no noticeable drop in work productivity, revenue, or profitability. Our clients and partners can rest assured our customary performance and professionalism will not be impacted, thanks to a comprehensive communication plan we've put in place.

Reasons Why We Believe We Will Achieve The Same Productivity

We believe in working smarter, not harder. It's about outcomes not hours. That’s why we expect to accomplish a full week's work in four days. So, we're streamlining our operations by: 

  • Shortening our meeting times: 20 minutes for short meetings and 40 minutes for longer ones
  • More time for employees to focus on personal items during time away from work
  • Work time will be more focused 
  • Reduced burnout and stress: Long work hours and continuous stress can lead to burnout, which negatively impacts both mental and physical health
  • Increased creativity and innovation: A shorter work week can stimulate creativity and innovation among employees

This pilot program isn't about squeezing more work into fewer days; it's about improving efficiencies and creating space for our team to catch up on personal appointments and activities, thus relieving pressure during the work week. Most importantly, there will be no change in pay as a result of this program.

The Benefits

The research says that a four-day workweek can improve well-being, better work-life balance, lower stress levels, and enhance mental and physical health.

We're excited about the potential benefits this could bring to our team and how it can free them to invest more in their personal priorities.

The nature of our work, which requires creativity, problem-solving, and a deep understanding of complex community platforms, is ideally suited for rested minds. By ensuring our team has an additional day for rest and rejuvenation, we're investing in the intellectual capital of our company.

So, what happens after this summer? 

We will engage in a thorough review process, combining both quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate the impact of this initiative. We'll consider the feedback from our team, the experience of our clients and partners, and our financial performance. If our analysis shows the business results not only didn’t suffer – but improved – we may make this a permanent change. Our goal remains to enhance work-life balance without compromising on the quality of service we provide. 

Our Summer 2023 four-day work week pilot embodies the ethos of Social Edge: innovative, adaptable and always seeking ways to add value. We're excited about this journey and look forward to sharing our insights and experiences as we progress. We believe this is an investment in our team, work, and the vibrant future we're building together.

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