Support Gets Social in Jive's Latest Cloud Release

Heather Burks

In the 2015.2 release, both internal and external cloud customers will be able to utilize a Support Center feature to gather all your help and support information in one place. Unlike a spotlight search that searches the entire community, you can select which places and will be filtered into this feature. So, instead of your community members guessing the information they might need to find an answer to their question, you can select and prioritize their results, which will lead to greater success in quickly getting them the support they need.


For example, a Jive-n community might select HR, IT and Help & Support to connect to their Support Center. This will give an umbrella of options for the community members to find answers to their frequently asked questions. A Jive-x community, on the other hand, might select Customer Support and Product Information to feed into their Support Center, knowing these are the places in their community that provide the answers to most of their community members questions.


As a community manager, when you enable the Support Center in your community, you'll get a link in the top navigation, which can be customized to reflect your community's theme and culture. By clicking on this link, the community member will be able to find an answer to their question using the filters provided in the Support Center. If they don't find an answer, they'll also be able to post a question, which your community managers (and community) can answer, putting the knowledge back into the Support Center. This is a win-win for your community, as it let's your community managers know what information is being sought, as well as give others with the same question access to the information without them having to ask again.


Perhaps the best part of the Support Center is that your community member is kept in one place, so there's no worry about them getting lost in the community during their search. This helps eliminate other distractions that may pop up, causing them to get frustrated or off-track. By giving them one place to go, you can help your community member find the answer to their question quickly, so they can get on with their day. Of course, if there is a need to visit the particular place their answer is in, they have the option to do that as well.


So how about it? Are you going to give the Support Center a try in your community?

To find out more information on how to configure the Support Center for your community, view the Support Center Onboarding Guide or watch the video.