The results are in! And the 12th Tile winner is...

Amara Lennon

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions on what our 12th tile should be! We really appreciate all of the input we've received from our clients and the AureaWorks community.

We're very excited to announce that Tile #12 will be... the Event Tile!

Our goal is to continue to build products that provide value to your communities, and the insight we've received is important to us as we continue to grow and expand our portfolio of products. We are very excited to be able to include an Event Tile as one of our product offerings, and will continue to provide you with updates throughout the development process.

Once we have finalized development and launched the tile, we plan on making it available to purchase a la carte via our store or by SOW. We also want to add the Event Tile to our Tile Pack without having to raise the cost of the Tile Pack for our customers. In order to do so, we are implementing this "12 for 12" campaign, where we will add product #12 to the Tile Pack once we have reached 12 new tile pack customers. We will be providing updates and a countdown in AureaWorks so the community will be aware of when we reach our goal. For more information on this program, check out this blog post.

How to get the Event Tile faster

Just like in our consumer lives, prospective clients look to peers to help them assess buying opportunities. We believe that if clients signal to their peer group the value they are receiving from our tile package, this will accelerate the purchasing cycles and thus get everyone the 12th tile faster.

Help us spread the word!

  • Post and rate your personal experience of our products in AureaWorks and tag Social Edge Consulting
  • Tweet about your experience with our products on social media. Tag us @social_edge and use the hashtags #myTBSEstory and #TBSE12for12
  • Add a review and rate our Tile Pack or any of our tiles in our online store
  • Privately let a peer know about the value you received from our tiles