Three Trends to Watch at JiveWorld14

Andrew Kratz

With only 63 days left until JiveWorld 2014, all of us at Social Edge are looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues and learning the latest and greatest about JiveX, Cloud and everyone's #workstyle.


As a Jive partner, we've noticed there are three ways that businesses embrace Jive and social business: those expanding their original installation of Jive into other areas of their enterprise; those who are replacing previous incarnations of a social collaboration platform; and those who are developing an external community (JiveX). These varying paths to social collaboration through Jive, show just how far the business community has come from five years ago when #social meant Facebook.


We'll be digging into those three streams of social collaboration through Jive in blogposts over the next several weeks. And as we work with our clients to find new and better ways to innovate and collaborate using either an internal or external Jive community, we hear so many stories of how transparency, open communication and knowledge sharing make a difference in productivity and efficiency within an organization. We're looking forward to hearing more of those stories at Jive World 2014.


So what's your story? Share it with us in the comments below, on the Jive Community or on twitter.