What should our 12th Tile be?

Amara Lennon

Earlier this year we added tiles #10 (Activity) and #11 (Video) to the Tile Pack with no price change. The big question from our clients is when will we add more new products!  

We are very excited to announce we are gearing up to launch a new tile - and we want your input on what it should be! Based on feedback we've received from our customers as well as the results from our last poll, we have narrowed down the options to three potential new tiles, and would like our customers and the AureaWorks community to help vote on what that tile should be.

RSS Tile
Our RSS Tile will allow you to pull in public RSS feeds from external websites and social media.

People Tile
Our People Tile allows you to easily display employees/members in an attractive list showing their avatar, name, title, department and location. The tile is configurable to show new members (or new hires) who have joined in the past 30-90 days as well as a minimum and maximum number to display.

Event Tile
The Event Tile drives greater participation by providing configurable details about the event (e.g., what and when). This tile uses available imagery and will dynamically pull events from selected places or allow a moderator to manually curate a list of events.

Our goal is to add product #12 to our Tile Pack without having to raise the cost of the Tile Pack for our customers. In order to do so, we are implementing this "12 for 12" campaign, where we will add product #12 to the Tile Pack once we have reached 12 new tile pack customers. We wanted to be transparent around this process as we have in the past, and will be providing updates and a countdown in AureaWorks so the community will be aware of when we reach our goal. For more information on this program, check out Andrew Kratz's blog post here <link to AK's blog>. Once we have finalized development and launched the tile, we plan on making it available to purchase a la carte via our store or by SOW.

You can track our 12 for 12 progress in the Social Edge space in AureaWorks. We will count down the new clients and let you know who purchased, by company name or industry (depending on the permission we receive).  

In the meantime, please check out our survey and rank the tiles from the one you would like most (1) to least (3).

We will keep you updated on the winner once voting has closed!