Products for LumApps

Our first LumApps product has arrived! Introducing the Mosaic Widget. 

Products for LumApps


$3,000 / year

Social Edge Consulting’s Mosaic widget allows you to curate key content and stories in a visual and dynamic layout.

The main concept behind Mosaic is stories. A story is a content item you want to highlight on your LumApps landing page with images, custom titles, subtitles, and links. Within Mosaic, stories are arranged automatically in an optimal mosaic-like layout.

Mosaic displays visual calls-to-action rather than providing simple links or graphics, making it a purposeful and engaging element of your LumApps digital workplace.


Key Features

• No code configuration panel

• Select from three distinct mosaic-like styles to present stories

• Stay on-brand with customizable fonts and colors

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