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Our flagship product for Unily is our MicrosoftTeams Integration.

Products for UNILY

Microsoft Teams Integration

$10k / year

Seamlessly connect news from your Unily community to Microsoft Teams with our MicrosoftTeams Integration.

Our integration enables you to present a searchable dashboard of Unily news to Microsoft Teams users. End-users access the Unily Application from their Teams client by clicking on the Unily site icon in the left navigation bar. Then, they select any of the summary Tiles in Teams to view the full news article in the Unily site. The application presents a set ofTiles with selected metadata, which summarizes the content items, including; image from the article, title, publication date, content snippet, number of comments, number of reactions, author name, and list of article topics.

Key Features:

  • Search: End-users have the ability to search in Teams for Unily articles based on keywords.
  • Custom Branding: Customize the Unily+Teams integration with your organization's logo, which Teams renders in both the left-hand navigation barand the top of the App’s viewport.

Our Microsoft Teams Integration for Unily includes proactive support for any changes needed due to Unily or Microsoft upgrades, as well as enhancements made to the product at no additional cost.


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