Our solutions

We work with leading organizations to create beautiful online communities that strengthen relationships and optimize how you connect, communicate and collaborate with your employees, customers and partners.

Social Intranets

Game-changing collaboration

Businesses are quickly realizing the value of having a collaborative tool available to their employees. Retaining legacy information as people change roles, crowdsourcing decisions, and knowledge-sharing, are vital to the growth of any organization.

Successful, measured outcomes

We have success stories from many well known organizations. Verizon, Sugar CRM and Marketo to name a few, chose Social Edge's services in community management, design, custom development and project management, to implement and grow their intranets.

Customer Communities

Engage your partners and customers

Now more than ever, brands and organizations are looking for innovative ways to engage their customers and partners. This provides companies with a competitive edge by improving how they can connect, communicate and collaborate with their consumers. Customer communities allow organizations and brands to enable their own customers and partners with the power to help themselves.

Increase customer satisfaction, decrease support calls

With a customer support community, companies can increase customer satisfaction, improve call deflection rates, drive sales, and reduce overall support costs. Customers are also able to interact with other community members who have the same questions they do, or perhaps additional insight around a product or topic.

The Social Edge Difference

Many of us are veterans of Fortune 500 firms, so we know how to scale for growth — for your community and your organization.
People happy
We know how important employee retention and engagement is to your bottom line, and we know how to leverage your community to support those drivers.
We've implemented and grown over 500 interactive intranets and customer communities for clients around the world.

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