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Featured Video

$1000 / year

Looking for an easy and impressive way to highlight featured videos within your community? Look no further! With the Verint Featured Video Widget, displaying captivating videos on your pages has never been simpler. This powerful dynamic widget offers seamless configuration options, ensuring that any community manager can effortlessly showcase their best content with style and impact. Get ready to captivate your audience and take your community engagement to new heights!

Why users need it?

The Verint Featured Video Widget is a powerful tool designed to simplify the process of displaying featured videos within your community. Whether you want to highlight a video inline or showcase a featured video on specific pages, this widget offers an easy-to-use and configurable solution. Community managers will find it incredibly beneficial when looking to enhance engagement and deliver a seamless video viewing experience for their audience.

Why admins love it?

The Verint Featured Video Widget is a favorite among admin teams due to its user-friendly configuration and interface. Admins can easily set up and manage the widget, tailoring it to their preferences without any technical challenges. Its versatility is another key factor, enabling it to be utilized on various pages throughout the community, promoting different content and promotions. By showcasing featured videos, the admin team can enhance the community experience, encouraging users to stay longer and interact more frequently.

Key Features

  • Easily configure and display videos inline on any page within the community.
  • The widget supports full video playback, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for users.
  • Choose videos from different groups within the community, allowing flexibility in content selection.
  • The widget’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for community managers and admins to set up and manage the featured videos.
  • Enable the display of video metadata, such as author, group, gallery, and creation date, above the video to provide additional context to viewers.

The Verint Featured Video Widget empowers community managers and admins to feature videos seamlessly, fostering engagement and enhancing the overall user experience within the community.

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