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Filtered Content List

$2,000 / year

Display filtered and sorted content, or groups from anywhere in the community. Great thing is, this list is dynamic! The list updates automatically when content comes and goes! This widget can display content from one group, or certain selected groups, or the entire community. Further refinement of what is displayed is based on certain tags, or certain content types, or when something is published.

For example, you can display content that is:

  • From Group A and Group B, but no other groups
  • Contains the tag “special tag”
  • Is a Forum or Gallery entry only
  • And published in the “last week”


  • From Entire community
  • Contains the tag “special tag”
  • Is a Forum or Gallery or idea or calendar event
  • And published in the “past year”

This dynamic widget will continually update based on new content and based on what the user has access to.

For Jive Platform users: this is similar to SuperList Tile which is similar to their current implementation.

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