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Keyword Alerts

$3,000 / year

Do your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) need to know when a new discussion has been started around a key subject? With the Keyword Alerts, you can set up notifications when a product or platform is being discussed to ensure that discussions and questions are answered by your SMEs. Simply set up a keyword alert and the SME you specify will automatically receive an email with the keyword and link to the discussion, so they do not miss a thing.

Key features include:

  • List of keyword(s) that you can create alerts for. You can add, modify or remove keywords from the plugin at any time. The plugin allows for many alerts to be set up per community.
  • Email address for alert recipient(s) associated with each keyword.
  • Custom email templates that you can customize with your own language and organization's branding

For example, you could set up an alert for the keyword "GDPR Regulations" and have the notification sent to the email addresses gdprsupport@mycompany.com and/or john@mycompany.com. In this example, if the phrase "GDPR Regulation" is mentioned in a discussion, the SME is immediately sent a email and can respond and/or add additional detail as needed.

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