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Search or Ask

$3,000 / year

Our Search or Ask widget comes with its own configuration panel and can be placed on your community's global homepage or any group landing page. It doesn't replace Verint's universal search field, rather, it allows you to place search and display results front and center on the pages your customers are thinking "search first."

After you start typing in the search bar, you will see results display that are relevant to your search terms. You'll also see a button that will allow you to ask a question if you are unable to find what you're looking for. Administrators can set the widget up to have new questions post to a specific place in the community, anywhere in the community, or specific areas (e.g. option to post in one of two places.)

Key Features:

  • Customizable search box for your Verint home or landing pages
  • Multiple configuration options such as limiting search results to specific content types and Groups
  • Editable input fields to customize the text and look and feel of the widget without needing CSS or HTML
  • Advanced option to further theme the widget with customizable header and footer using CSS

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