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User Bulk Uploader

$2,500 / year

It can be challenging and time-consuming to manage hundreds or even thousands of users and their associated data. The User Bulk Uploader is a java based application for Verint created to simplify user data management. This tool will read a CSV data file and utilize it to create and/or update user data in Verint. In addition to uploading and updating user profile data, it allows you to add users to security groups and link the user with their manager.

System Requirements:

  • Java 8 or 11 SE (Standard Edition) Runtime Environment

Key Features:

  • Offers easy user management at a larger scale
  • Allows you to bulk manage user profile data
  • A java based application
  • Ability to bulk upload community members

For more information on the User Bulk Uploader, check out our User Bulk Uploader User Guide or email us at contact@socialedgeconsulting.com.

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