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Dori Gray & Ruth Neighbors

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In honor of CMAD, January's edition is dedicated to Community Management! 🎉

Reality Check

Myth: If you build it they will come.

Reality: A successful community doesn't run itself. It is crucial to have a Community Manager to offer guidance, encourage engagement, and maintain your content.

Keep the Vibes Alive: Hire a CM

Level up your community with our Community Management services! Seamlessly launch, effortlessly grow, and smoothly navigate transitions. We're not just consultants; we're an extension of your team. Your community's success? That's our jam!

Let's Do This

Hot Takes

CMAD (Community Manager Appreciation Day) is once a year, but recognizing your Community Manager shouldn't be. CMAD is an excellent reminder to recognize and celebrate the people who keep your communities running—but it shouldn't be the only time you do so. Community managers juggle an array of responsibilities and often have to work at all hours. Make sure they know you appreciate their hard work and dedication. After all, a successful community doesn't run itself!

The Community Manager Trap

Community managers wear multiple hats, taking on roles from writers and editors to graphic designers and project managers. However, the "community manager trap" emerges when the expectation to excel in all areas becomes unrealistic.

Platform Corner

Unily was recently named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Intranet Packaged Solutions. Companies with plenty of content in need of organization should consider Unily. Their CMS makes it easy to ensure every piece of information lives in the right place, with the right people able to update and maintain. With flexible landing pages, every creator can make their site their own.

Come Find Us!

We're on the scene at Intranet Reloaded and Microsoft 365.

Wrap Up

Missed CMAD last week? No need to worry—there's always time to celebrate! The Community Roundtable has curated a fantastic Community Manager Appreciation Day Gift Guide. While these would all be excellent gifts for the Community Manager in your life, our favorite is the "Times I was right and nobody listened" notebook. Read on!