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From strategy and implementation to community management and custom development, we offer a full range of professional services to support our clients throughout their social journey.
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Platform Evaluation


We want to know what your needs are. During the requirement gathering process, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with a Social Edge strategist to discuss your organization’s requirements. We’ll take your “wish list” including integrations and more, and find out what’s working for you and what’s not. Have no fear, all of your content will be preserved.


Our strategists will set up “straight talk” demonstrations of three top recommended software platforms. These aren’t sales pitches. Each to-the-point platform demo will be designed for and tailored to your organization’s requirements and goals.


With our expertise working with various platforms and partners, we know the “ins and outs” and will provide you with a list of the top three platforms that will best suit your organization’s needs. Our platform recommendations are based on specific criteria, including: functionality, technical and integration capabilities, user experience, platform stability and support, and platform licensing options. 

Platform Migration


We work with our clients to investigate, evaluate and select a new software platform for their community that will directly meet their needs. There are a wide variety of platforms to choose from in the market with different degrees of focus, so our expertise helps to streamline this process.


Our clients' single largest concern is the migration of content and data. We have performed dozens of migrations to and from over 30 different software platforms and follow industry standard process across the technology field known as ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) to ensure content is not lost.


This covers all areas of configuration, including design/theme, to match our clients brand as well as the set-up of their community homepage, groups, and landing pages.



Our team of strategists and community managers will work with you to define your overall platform strategy, identify business goals and success criteria, prioritize use cases into a platform roadmap, and define high-level governance, adoption, and measurement strategies.


Our creative specialists and community managers will work with you to iteratively implement your use cases, including structural and visual design, platform configuration, and the implementation of custom extensions and integrations as needed.


We can manage the transition to your new platform. Our team will execute the business readiness plan, educate and train administrators and members, recruit and engage advocates, and refine your government and measurement models.


Ongoing platform management is essential for a successful implementation.We can continue to drive engagement by managing your program initiatives while evolving the overall strategy to reflect new organizational goals.

Community Strategy


Implementing a community is a strategic decision to bring a more collaborative environment to your business. We partner with key stakeholders within your organization to make sure your community aligns with your larger business goals. We provide adoption strategies and analysis to optimize your community's ROI.


We have a deep understanding of the unique requirements of firms in regulated industries regarding retention and transparency. We can advise your team on categorizing and cataloging content to meet the necessary standards. We can also help to develop enforceable online etiquette policies that can be implemented company wide.


Whether you're looking for increased employee engagement or customer participation, ideation best practices allow you to surface subject matter experts (SMEs) as well as product enhancements to significantly improve communications between key stakeholders.


Gamification enables community members to acknowledge contributions from their coworkers and peers, and is a strategic method of accelerating platform adoption and engagement. We have proven methodologies to capitalize on these reward and recognition features to help you create and sustain an active and engaged community.


In managing the switch to a new platform, our strategists advise on how to educate your employees on working in this new methodology, what to expect, when it's happening, training, etc. For external communities, we also offer best practices in communicating these changes.


Quality assurance is a set of activities to ensure that your community meets the specified requirements, agreed-upon standards and procedures, and the best practices. We check the community for any errors, weaknesses, and potential points of failure before it goes live, or becomes available to every day members.


Whether it's planning a new community or evaluating an existing one, we conduct workshops to evaluate your needs and put together a cohesive strategy and plan. Our strategists can take you through use case discovery, usability studies, information architecture, content strategy, analytics, and more.



Our experts can guide you through the process of merging your external systems with your online community platform, including single sign-on, profile information as well as other services you may need.


Our upgrade services include technical analysis, strategy, quality assurance, UX/UI design, and community management.

Custom Development

Our designers and strategists will work with you to develop and execute a community based on your specific use cases.

Community Design


We custom design the look and feel of your online community to align with your branding guidelines and integrate with your organization’s marketing strategy. Whether it’s logo usage, color scheme, or the overall theme of your platform, we can help you create an attractive, user-friendly design that visually engages your members.

Place Design

Along with overall theming, we can design purposeful places within your community, such as the homepage and subpages. We can also create templates that are tailored to support your specific use cases.

UX / UI Customization

Working with our technical team, we can design and create custom widgets, navigation elements, and other customizations to enhance your community and meet your unique business requirements.

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Community Management


The first several weeks of an implementation can have a steep learning curve, but we’ve done it before. We are here to support your team with an experienced resource to work with your platform project team.


Once your community launches, you may need to expand your team to manage your new community. Bringing on a savvy community manager for an extended period can assist your team through adoption and engagement.

Interim Community Management

In the event your community manager leaves or is promoted internally, it creates a gap while you work to hire a replacement. Social Edge can provide an interim community manager to provide stability and avoid any disruptions to workflow.

Community Growth

Homepage REfresh

Refresh the look, feel and strategy of your community homepage. We'll provide an in-depth review of your current homepage user experience to develop and implement a new design aligned with your business priorities to increase community engagement.

Community Use Case Refresh

Revitalize key use case areas in your community. We'll analyze three existing use cases and develop a strategic plan to implement both design and structural enhancements that will increase overall community adoption and engagement.

Community Manager Bootcamp

Our Community Manager Bootcamp provides thorough and swift training along with support for new or existing community managers in your organization.

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