Enhance Your LumApps Employee Experience with Our Products

Brooks Jordan

In the digital age, the intranet has become a central hub for companies to connect, inform, and engage their employees. One platform that stands out in the crowded market is LumApps, a social and collaborative intranet designed to foster a strong corporate culture. At Social Edge Consulting, we are thrilled to introduce three innovative products for LumApps that will revolutionize your employee experience. The Mosaic, Accordion, and Hero widgets. These new additions are designed to simplify your day-to-day operations, improve content organization, and enhance user engagement. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and customizable features, our products will undoubtedly add value and streamline existing processes for community managers, site admins, and platform users. Let's dive into the details and discover how these products can make a difference in your LumApps employee experience.

Mosaic: Bringing Stories to Life

The Mosaic widget is a unique offering that allows you to curate and highlight key content and stories in a visually dynamic layout. In Mosaic, a story isn't just a content item; it's a highlighted feature on your LumApps landing page, complete with images, custom titles, subtitles, and links. These stories are arranged automatically in a visually optimized, mosaic-like layout, offering a more rich and engaging user experience than traditional links or graphics.

The Mosaic widget simplifies creating these dynamic content displays with a no-code configuration panel. Users can select from three distinct mosaic-like styles to present stories, ensuring variety and visual interest. Like the Hero widget, Mosaic prioritizes brand consistency with customizable fonts and colors. With Mosaic, your LumApps platform becomes a canvas for sharing compelling, visually engaging stories.

Accordion: Grouped and Categorized Content at Your Fingertips

Make your users' day-to-day easier by providing grouped and categorized content in expandable sections with our Accordion widget. Designed as a menu with expandable sections, the Accordion allows admins to group and link content visually. This feature is not just about aesthetics; it also enhances user engagement by ensuring that items are easy to locate and that the relationship between different content pieces is immediately apparent.

The Accordion widget has won the hearts of internal community managers and admins for its ease of use and simple configuration process. It provides an efficient way to group and categorize content related to specific topics, making it an invaluable tool for organizing complex information architectures. For instance, within an HR page, materials related to health benefits can be grouped in one Accordion and categorized within multiple expandable sections.

What makes the Accordion widget even more appealing is its customizability. Admins can select icons for your links from a preset library or even upload their own. This level of flexibility ensures that your content is well-organized and aligns with your brand's visual identity.

Hero: Creating Impactful Landing Pages

The Hero widget is a game-changer for any organization aiming to create more engaging landing pages. Equipped with a large banner, the Hero widget can display an eye-catching image, a compelling title, a relevant body copy, and up to three call-to-actions. The Hero widget doesn't just present information; it guides users, offering them direction and essential links in an immersive, visually compelling format.

The Hero widget truly shines in its customizability. Admins can configure images and shapes within bubble or square styles, allowing for creativity and brand alignment. Even the color theme, fonts, and images can be customized to ensure consistency with your brand's aesthetic. With the Hero widget, every landing page becomes an opportunity to inform and impress your employees.

Social Edge's Accordion, Hero, and Mosaic widgets significantly enhance the LumApps experience, transforming the content organization, landing page design, and story presentation. They offer more than just aesthetic improvements; they provide useful functionality that improves user engagement and interaction. 

Our Philosophy

The usability and design of our new products for LumApps is based on successful products we’ve developed and implemented for several other online community platforms. Our product innovation methodology is directly based on what we hear from our clients and customers. Our primary goal is to create efficient, user-friendly products that add value and streamline existing processes for community managers, site admins, and platform users.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and using their feedback to make our products better. During the product development process, we took existing customer feedback and suggestions into consideration to create these new and innovative widgets for LumApps.

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