Introducing Social Edge Products for Telligent

Amara Lennon

We are very excited to announce that we have recently launched a line of products exclusively for the Telligent platform! These products are designed to enhance the user experience and visual aesthetic of your Telligent, a Verint Company, community.

Like all of our products, your subscription license includes support and innovation at no extra charge. Our clients have expressed enthusiasm about the capabilities and functionality the Telligent platform offers, so we look forward to continuing to invest in creating products and solutions for the platform that meet their needs.

The Social Edge products for Telligent that are now available include:

  • Activity Stream+ Show and/or hide comments toggle inline with each conversation. This is useful when there are multiple comments on a thread, as it makes it easy to expand or collapse them with one click, streamlining the user's view.
  • Blog Post List+ Display larger blog icons in list view or display one content item in grid mode with an image on top as to spotlight a user or video.
  • Custom Search Enable your users to search for keywords in your community and easily be able to view, discover, and navigate to places and content related to their search terms in a visually appealing and easy to digest layout.
  • Expert Center This widget has a built-in custom input form so you can now enable your users to send your Subject Matter Experts confidential and/or nonconfidential questions. The widget has a clean interface that displays only a user's questions and answers privately within the group.
  • Group List+ When placed on a group page, our Group List+ widget can be set by a toggle switch to show the accessing member their private or public groups.
  • Image Gallery Display multiple images on your community homepage or a group page without excessive scrolling or pagination. This visual display allows for full use of the page and then links out to comments and additional information. It also includes a companion widget that enables you to upload multiple images at one time with a checkbox feature that saves you from having to upload each of your images individually.
  • Keyword Alerts Set up notifications when a product or platform is being discussed to ensure that discussions and questions are answered by your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Simply set up a keyword alert and the SME you specify will automatically receive an email with the keyword and link to the discussion, so they don't miss a thing.
  • Mosaic Curate key content and stories on pages in a visually appealing way. Community managers love the ability to define the elements of each story by choosing content automatically or manually, selecting categories, and including custom header text.
  • Place Grid Highlight your key places with a clean and compelling grid view. This place-based widget pulls in any spaces or subspaces that you choose - automatically or manually. The table-like layout helps divide and structure your landing pages by optimizing the space available
  • Profile Insights Display certain profile fields to specific community members. For instance, if you need particular staff members to be able to access all profile information for a particular user without jeopardizing personal information. This widget will display any profile fields necessary for site roles.
  • Security Access+ Provide a non-community member with specific permissions so that they can participate as a special contributor or guest blogger in a secure area without giving them access to confidential or internally public areas of your community.
  • Tagged Content+ Display the content type icon instead of the author's user avatar. This is a great solution when you want to display content item icons instead of an author's avatar, especially when the same user is posting lots of content, as it makes for a nicer UI and streamlined UI experience.  
  • Unfiltered HTML+ This widget wraps code so that it is self-contained and doesn't change the rest of the CSS on your site. You can copy any CSS/HTML from an existing widget and place it inside of our Unfiltered HTML Plus widget. No additional modifications will need to be made to any additional HTML widgets in your community.
  • Wiki Viewer+ Display the contents of any wiki page in a widget. This is a great way to create navigation menus that link to other areas of your community. This widget enables you to view document content on any page, like welcome text. It is a helpful tool especially when the content is the same in a few places throughout your site.

For more information on any of these products, you can check out our listings on the Telligent Marketplace here or check out the new Products for Telligent page on our website.

If you'd like to learn more about a specific product or would like to schedule a demo, please email us at