Jive Takes Business Communications to the Next Level with Circle and Chime

Megan Halicek

How many platforms do you normally sift through to procure the right contact information and quickly get in touch with someone in your organization? When you finally designate the right contact, how long does it take to put a message, email, or call into action? Many of us are caught in the tangled enterprise web of collaboration platforms, employee directories, and communication mechanisms, unaware of how to painlessly unravel ourselves from this weave of anti-collaboration.


Jive Circle - Put a Face to Name on the Go

Gone are the days spent squinting at your tiny mobile screen and sifting through complex org charts to find the person you're looking for. Jive Circle is a new and improved mobile directory for your company. It sports a dynamic, user-centered look and feel that focuses on helping you quickly identify who can help answer your question or solve your problem. One search or scroll in the mobile app boasts dynamic, sleek org charts, employee avatars, reporting relationships, and location & department filters. You can even view your colleague's most recent locations and content published.

Jive Circle and Chime



Jive Chime - Streamlining Communication for Your Team

Not only does Jive Circle smoothly coalesce with your current Jive community - it also fuses with Jive Chime, a robust messaging application. Chime is the quickest, easiest messaging app available for desktop and mobile messaging available within the Jive suite today. Quickly engage in chat sessions with your colleagues or larger team, cleanly store conversations, and access and contribute on any device.


As much as iMessages and group messaging apps are efficient in allowing us to communicate outside of email with our colleagues on the go, they're not separate from our personal, private contact lists. Navigating with Circle & communicating with Chime allows you to work as easily as possible with your team, but within professional-oriented applications and devices. That's right - no more accidentally texting "I love you" to your boss instead of your child or loved one. Not only are messages separate, but you can connect using your computer or mobile device without logging into multiple platforms.


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Early access for Jive Circle begins August 31 - click here to sign up and stay tuned for additional updates.


Jive Chime is available today! Please contact our knowledgeable team for more information and tips on how these innovative new tools can enhance your Jive community.