Unpacking the Unified Digital Workplace: A Fireside Chat

Featuring LumApps' Shaun Slattery and Social Edge's Dori Gray.

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July 21 2021

How do we unify our complex technology ecosystems while maintaining a people-first mindset? The term “unified digital workplace” is often used, but does it really exist?

Employees require versatile digital tools to communicate and collaborate, including dashboards, asynchronous discussions, real-time chat, video, etc., all in one place. But how is that actually created, implemented, and managed? What does the tech stack look like and how is it applied to create context for employees?

Listen to our casual and insightful conversation between two digital workplace pros: Shaun Slattery, Director of Customer Success at LumApps, and Dori Gray, Senior Community Manager at Social Edge.

Shaun and Dori shared what they know from hands-on experience, including what they’ve learned from customers. Additional discussion topics include:

  • Does the unified digital workplace really exist?
  • Why it’s important to provide employees with meaningful, structured content
  • Tools, apps, and integrations that make up a digital workplace
  • Delivering rich content experiences for both synchronous and asynchronous work
  • The impact of the global pandemic on the hybrid digital-physical workplace
  • Setting employees up for success so they can do their best work