Customer Success with Social Edge Consulting

Starwood Hotels & Resorts

When Starwood Hotels and Resorts embarked on a digital transformation initiative to change how they communicate and collaborate internally, they prioritized upgrading their intranet. Social Edge answered the call to partner with Starwood in vetting Jive. We first started with a pilot for their Information Technology Town Hall. From there, we moved on to plan a full scale migration of their existing static intranet over to a social Jive-n cloud community. 

Going Further

However, it wasn't just a migration, it was also a rethinking of how information was organized on the site. The project involved content strategy, user experience prototyping for navigation, change management planning, development of custom search and place display tiles, and some good old fashioned manual labor in building new spaces. In addition to creating traditional Intranet department places, we also worked to develop an adoption plan and playbook that individual hotels could use to rollout Jive groups locally.   

The Acquisition

During the project, Starwood was also acquired by Marriott, therefore another important use of the site was a forum where management could answer questions from employees about what to expect during integration.

To learn more, check out this blog post and video from Brad Carr, Starwood's vice president of enterprise systems:  Starwood Hotels and Resorts Has a Five-star Experience Using Jive