Customer Success with Social Edge Consulting


Social Edge managed the JiveX implementation & launch for Varonis Systems Inc., the leading provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data. Named Varonis Connect, the objective of the community is to improve product support and enhance collaboration and engagement among the company’s customers, partners and employees. It also provides users with easy access to Varonis’ how-to guides and an extensive product knowledge base. Their JiveX community promotes two-way communication by encouraging users to ask questions, create discussions, and submit feature requests. In addition, the flexible theming and navigation options in JiveX allow Varonis to convey a look and feel to their external community that is synonymous with the rest of their branding touch points.

Using JiveX, Varonis Connect is a dynamic and user-friendly community that allows clients and partners to connect, make feature requests and read success stories. Additionally, Varonis sales engineers use JiveX to collaborate internally, replacing their email distribution list as their go-to option for asking questions. Here are four examples of places in the community that correspond to Varonis use cases:

  • Sales Engineers’ Internal Community: This area allows Varonis sales engineers to connect and collaborate. With JiveX, sales engineers can ask questions or start discussion threads without leaving Outlook, which will allow them to eventually replace their email distribution list system.They can also use the mobile app to connect to the community, even when they are on the go.
  • Customer Community: Varonis customers use this space to connect and collaborate. With JiveX, customers and partners now have the opportunity to ask questions, search the knowledge base, and receive the most up to date information on all Varonis products and solutions.
  • Customer Success Stories: This area highlights some of the ways customers are using Varonis solutions to reduce risk, reduce cost, be more productive, and get more from their human generated data. Along with browsing the library of success stories,with JiveX customers now have the opportunity to submit their own.
  • Feature Requests: Customers, partners, and employees can interact here and provide feedback on the kind of features they would like to see Varonis incorporate in the future.