2022 Year in Review

Andrew Kratz

What a whirlwind of a year it has been! I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how Social Edge has grown and what we’ve accomplished this past year, as well as share what we’re looking forward to in 2023.

2022 kicked off with a bang as we celebrated a company milestone: 10 years in business! First and foremost, thank you to our clients and partners for your continued support this year. Our team is dedicated to the services we provide and the products we build, and there’s no better praise for us than to know we’re continuing to provide and deliver value to each of our clients’ communities. 

I also want to thank the Social Edge team for the dedication, thoughtfulness, and expertise they apply to each and every project they embark on. We wouldn’t be where we are without the talented individuals that make our organization what it is. 

Ten years in business was a landmark milestone for Social Edge, but there were also many moments throughout the year we want to acknowledge and celebrate. 

2022 Year in Review Infographic

While we appreciate how organizations have been able to shift during and after the pandemic, adopting new technologies to ensure that both their employees and customers are able to work more efficiently, we can’t deny it has been a difficult two years. As the saying goes, "a diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure." We are lucky to have worked with many bright gems in 2022! 

This year we were delighted to partake in a handful of in-person conferences, including Verint Engage, Clix, and The CR Connect. Having the opportunity to reconnect with clients face-to-face was refreshing and invigorating. We couldn’t be more excited for additional opportunities to keep the momentum going in 2023. 

Along with in-person events, we continued to host several virtual events as a way to connect with our clients. We started a series of user groups back in 2020, when in-person events were being canceled. We noticed a gap where clients were no longer able to easily connect with one another, the way they would at a conference, in between sessions and over lunch or cocktail hour. We sought to fill this gap by hosting regular virtual user groups that provided clients with valuable, relevant content, as well as a way to connect organically with each other. 

This year, we also went beyond traditional user groups and made ourselves more accessible to our clients by hosting regular monthly Office Hours. These virtual sessions weren’t platform specific, rather an opportunity where our strategists would make themselves available via Zoom each month, and clients could join and ask questions, as well as network amongst themselves.

Originally we weren’t sure whether this concept would work - would an internal client want to listen in to a community manager asking for help with their customer community? We were pleasantly surprised by how successful these sessions have been and the incredibly positive feedback we’ve received. We look forward to continuing these sessions into 2023 and hope you can join us at the next one! 

At a glance, overall in 2022 we hosted 16 virtual events: 6 user groups, 7 monthly office hours sessions, 2 webinars, and 1 two-day tech jam. We couldn’t be more pleased with the positive feedback we’ve received from each and every one of these events, and are looking forward to additional events in 2023.

From events to products, the Social Edge team continued to expand our offerings in 2022. We introduced the following products and integrations to our suite this year: 

  • LumApps: Accordion Widget, Hero Widget, Mosaic Widget
  • Microsoft: Accordion Web Part, Content Web Part, Mosaic Web Part
  • Unily: Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Verint: Event List+ Widget, Announcement Carousel, Video Manager, Slider Widget 

Along with building new products, we also invested in enhancing our existing offerings, including: 

  • Aurea: Blog Tile 
  • Igloo: Mosaic Widget, Word Clocks Widget
  • Verint: Filtered Content List, Hero Widget, MegaMenu Widget, Mosaic Widget, Search / Ask Widget 

2022 brought more than just new products and enhancements. The Social Edge team spearheaded 26 new community implementations and 9 software migrations to and from various internal and external community platforms.

Things may not fully be “back to normal” but we can’t help but reflect on 2022 with positivity. The success of in person events this past year has been a highlight, and we are looking forward to attending more conferences, like Verint Engage 2023, with our partners, as well as hosting and participating in various user groups, panels, and informal get togethers with clients. We plan on continuing our monthly Office Hours sessions (save the date for the second Wednesday of each month!) along with virtual client user groups. We have several new products in the works along with enhancements to our existing suite of products. 

At Social Edge, our company’s mission is to help organizations create community, both internally, with employees, and externally, with their partners and customers. Our goal is to bring people and organizations together to improve communication and collaboration.

We are looking forward to seeing how the modern workplace economy continues to transform and grow in 2023.

Warm wishes for a happy holiday season and prosperous new year!