From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Discover the Power of Verint

Sara Campbell

You may be looking for a new platform to host your customer/product community or extranet and asking yourself - what is most important to me? Your primary concern may be about available integrations and add-ons, or perhaps out-of-the-box features, such as the ability to manage user membership within the community platform. You're also likely taking the type of community you have - extranet or intranet - in determining which platform will best align with your organization's needs. 

The Verint Community platform offers hosting for both external customer/product communities as well as internal communities - while providing highly customizable features that align with your branding needs. Instead of listing out all of the features or benefits that Verint has to offer, we decided to list out the top ten reasons why the Verint Community is a powerful platform choice.

In the swirling sea of digital community platforms, Verint Community rises as an island of power and functionality. It's a platform that doesn't just accommodate your business needs; it's designed to elevate and enhance your community interaction. A blend of versatility, customization and security make Verint unique and indispensable.

Here's a closer look at the top ten benefits that truly distinguish Verint Community.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider the Verint Community Platform 

  1. Open, Documented APIs for Seamless Integration: Verint supports effortless integration with your existing software ecosystem. This means you can conveniently integrate any tool or service you use and streamline all your operations within one platform.
  2. Extensions to the Rich Text Editor for Specialized Features: Adapt the text editor to suit the unique needs of your community. Whether it's embedding a video or inserting a special link, you have the power to create an editor that truly reflects your community's character.
  3. Highly Customizable with Multiple Available OOTB Features: Verint comes packed with a variety of Out-Of-The-Box features that offer flexibility and customization to match your specific requirements. Additionally, you can easily copy these OOTB extensions and modify them to suit your needs, thus saving development time and effort.
  4. Granular Permissions: Control is the key when managing a thriving community. Verint offers an in-depth permission control system, allowing you to dictate site roles, group-level permissions, and even content-level permissions for each application. The platform provides a balance between security and flexibility that makes community management a breeze.
  5. Automations to Keep Community Active: From sending email reminders to inactive users to adding a user to a role based on their interests or points, Verint's automation capabilities keep your community engaged and thriving.
  6. Easily Configured Layout Options: Verint lets you personalize your community to reflect your brand. With customizable pages, group templates, and specialized layouts for blogs, you can design a unique and inviting space for your community members.
  7. Custom Branding, Colors, Icons, Graphics: Don't let your platform limit your brand's visual identity. With Verint, you can implement your brand colors, icons, and graphics to create a digital community that's a true extension of your brand.
  8. Spam Prevention and Moderation: Safeguard your community with Verint's robust moderation workflow and spam prevention features. With permissions for content moderators and moderation available for all content and users, you can ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment for your members.
  9. OOTB Mobile Responsiveness: Whether your community members are on their desktop or mobile, they'll have a seamless experience. With Verint's Out-Of-The-Box mobile responsiveness, all widgets are mobile responsive, and you can easily configure any page layout to have specific widgets for mobile users.
  10. Easy Integration for Authentication: Verint supports a variety of authentication options. Not only can you easily integrate different types of authentication within your community, but you can also enable two-factor authentication to bolster security.

Verint Community isn't just a digital platform; it's a comprehensive, customizable solution for building and nurturing online communities. With its distinct blend of versatility, personalization, and control, Verint helps community owners engage with their customers, brainstorm ideas for new products, and provide exceptional product support. Discover the power of Verint Community and embark on a journey of community growth and continuity.