How Much Does an Intranet Cost?

Andrew Kratz

What is the total cost for a community-based intranet? We'll answer that question in two parts: the software price and implementation costs.

Among other software products, Social Edge specializes in enterprise intranet software–-the most complex software in the community space for the largest companies. There are also some small and medium-sized businesses that want the very best and would also purchase this type of software.

Companies in the market for intranet software want the bottle line up front: the price of the software. Due to the unique-ness of each comopany, there is no way to quote a price, but we can approximate it. We'll use three company sizes to illustrate the example of the average price that we're seeing in the marketplace.

Software Price

  • For a small company (about 500 employees) the cost is about $50,000 per year.
  • For a medium-sized company (5,000 employees) the cost is about $250,000 per year.
  • For a large Enterprise (50,000 employees) the cost is about $1.2 million per year. 

Note: these are all standard three-year SaaS contracts.


These implementations are for a net-new intranet for your organization so we'll use those same three size companies to give you a sense of the price points:

  • For the small company the project would take about eight weeks and the price would be $30,000 as a one-time cost to implement and launch your community .
  • For a medium-sized company it's a 10-week project and the cost is $45,000. 
  • For an enterprise, it's a 16-week project and the cost is $65,000 as a one-time charge. 

The implementation project consists of a number of deliverables and tasks. Things like creating your homepage, working with you on key use cases, classroom style training on all the features of the platform, and instructing you on how to set up your security and permissions. 

While there is a lot to the total cost for a community-based intranet, Social Edge is here for you. From the purchase of your software platform to your community implementation and launch, we'll make sure all your bases are covered.

If you do have a project where you are launching a new internet we would be happy to partner with you please reach out. We look forward to talking to you soon!