Tiles for Jive

Brooks Jordan

As a Jive Software customer, you have a diverse library of tiles available to you right in the platform. These out-of-the-box tiles allow you to present content to your audience in a number of compelling ways. But, it's also possible, as you likely know, to build new tiles that give you even greater control over how Jive looks and behaves. 

We love custom tiles. If you do too, or are thinking about them, it's likely that the custom, pre-built Jive tiles we're announcing today to upgrade your community will be of great interest.

What is an Intranet Tile?

An intranet tile is a visual, interactive element used on intranet platforms to organize and present information in a user-friendly manner. These tiles typically appear on homepage dashboards or landing pages, serving as quick access points to various content, tools, or data within the intranet ecosystem.

What is a Jive Tile?

A Jive tile is an interface component used for Jive's homepage and Place-specific landing pages, either for displaying native content (e.g., Documents and Blogs) or accessing data from another service (e.g., project milestones from an ERP).

Benefits of Tiles for Jive

Jive tiles are part of a larger ecosystem of extensions, including add-ons, plug-ins, and integrations, all designed to personalize and optimize the Jive platform. This approach allows organizations to extend the value of their Jive investment while reducing costs, minimizing risks, and improving quality

 Jive tiles can serve two primary functions:

  1. Displaying native content: Tiles can showcase internal Jive content such as documents, blog posts, discussions, or announcements, making it easy for users to access important information at a glance.
  2. Accessing external data: Tiles can also integrate with other services or systems, pulling in relevant data from external sources. For example, a tile might display project milestones from an ERP system or recent updates from a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

These versatile elements allow Jive intranet administrators to create dynamic, informative, and engaging pages that cater to the specific needs of their organization and user base.

Tiles vs Widgets for Jive

The beauty of a tile is that you can do full-stack development and design on the tile, displaying data - from within and outside of Jive - in almost any manner you choose. Tiles are replacing widgets in Jive because of what's possible with design and their underlying API framework. At Social Edge, we've loved how tiles have allowed us to extend and enhance Jive during projects for customers, who have shared important details with us on what they need.

But what if we could take what we learned about a particular tile over many customer engagements and create one tile representing its best aspects? For example, what if we could offer a branded search experience with tailored results in a single, optimized tile to every Jive customer at an affordable price? That's exactly what we set out to do.

Support search tile for Jive
‍(Social Edge's Search Tile, one example of many ways it can be configured and displayed using the built-in config panel.)

6 Pre-Built Tiles for Jive

Today, we're introducing six custom, premium pre-built tiles under a "Tiles by Social Edge" label. We've built each tile from scratch with its own configuration panel based on what we learned from over 300 customers and five years worth of projects.

We've intentionally chosen and built tiles where we've seen a clear need from multiple customers and where the tile would only be available through custom development. Available tiles in this initial release are:

Tiles for Jive

1. Search Tile for Jive 

Displays curated search results in a fast and convenient way. Configure sections for specific places and/or content types.

Buy Search Tile for Jive

2. Slider Tile for Jive 

A visually impactful way of communicating community highlights. Customize sizing, imagery, links and fonts.

Buy Slider Tile for Jive

3. Accordion Tile for Jive 

Organizes unlimited resource links into expandable sections. Set custom icons, customize colors, reorder links.

Buy Accordion Tile for Jive

4. Navigation Tile for Jive 

Promotes company tools and resources in a way that aligns with branding. Display community links dynamically based on user permissions.

Buy Navigation Tile for Jive

5. Hero Tile for Jive 

Features key content and messaging on any community page. Select images, fonts, and either layout option.

Buy Hero Tile for Jive

6. Mosaic Tile for Jive 

Presents multiple community stories in one view. Choose from a variety styles and display options.

Buy Mosaic Tile for Jive


(Note: See a full list of our Jive tiles, integrations and widgets or click on any of the six tiles above to see more details with an option to purchase and download.)

Buy Custom Tiles, Widgets & Integrations for Jive

These tiles, and many other Jive widgets and integrations, are all immediately available for purchase and download on the Social Edge Intranet and Customer Community Widgets Store. Simply click on one of the tiles in the list above to learn more about the tile and add it to a shopping cart. If you can't use a credit card to purchase the tile for whatever reason, simply let us know and we'll contract with you before sending you the download. There's no risk on your part as every tile comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

 These first six tiles range in price from $3,000 to $5,000 annually, as a subscription, with additional discounts for purchasing two or more tiles. By releasing pre-built tiles on a subscription basis, we're able to offer each tile at an affordable price to every Jive customer, whether you're an SMB-, mid-market-, or enterprise-sized company. The yearly subscription includes: 

  • Compatible with Jive Cloud and Hosted
  • Bug fixes and technical support, and 
  • Enhancements and feature updates

All of which are defined in the Terms of Service connected to the purchase process.

Super Simple Tile Installation & Setup

A few words about setup. Once you download the tile (or have received it directly from us) you can use the related user guide to install and configure it in your Jive community. You can literally have it working in your Jive community (Cloud or Hosted) within minutes. In addition, each tile comes with a configuration panel where, as a community manager, admin, or business lead, you can enable the functionality and select the visual elements that are most relevant for your audience. No HTML skills required!

As an example, here's what the custom font portion of the config panel looks like for the Mosaic Tile:

Font selection for Jive Tile

Try Our Jive Tiles for 30 Days

 Thank you for taking these download-and-install tiles for a spin and giving us feedback (again, you have 30 days to test and return the tile after purchase if you're not satisfied). We personally use them every day in our own Jive-n Intranet and Jive-x website, and, more importantly, early customers are getting a ton of value from them, and we think you will too!

If you want to talk to us directly about a custom tile, or any other intranet and customer community widgets or integrations, always feel free to contact us directly or book a demo with our Intranet and Customer Community specialists.

This blog post was originally published on 03/20/2018, and updated on 07/07/2024.