Which Customer Community Platforms Deserve a Spot on Your Shortlist?

Andrew Kratz

When it comes to selecting the ideal customer community platform for your business, the choices can be overwhelming. At Social Edge, we'll help you navigate the landscape and make the right choice for your organization's needs.

Our primary focus revolves around enterprise online community platforms. While there are smaller discussion or forum-based platforms and others catering to the event space, our expertise lies in assisting companies seeking robust platforms with diverse content capabilities. These platforms enable a wide range of use cases for engaging with customers or partners in an online community setting.

We suggest considering the following five platforms for your shortlist:

  • InSided - One central platform for engagement amongst customers in different categories, user-groups.
  • Khoros - Khoros helps companies authentically connect with customers throughout their journey.
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud - a social platform designed to connect and facilitate communication among an organization's employees, partners and customers.
  • Higher Logic Vanilla - Improve retention rates, reduce support costs, and fuel growth.
  • Verint - a leader in community software for digital marketing and support communities.

Our recommendation stems from our 11 years of experience in the industry, during which we've successfully implemented over 600 community platforms for our clients. Repeatedly, these five platforms have emerged as top choices, often making it to the shortlist in competitive evaluations.

The ecosystem for online customer communities is quite large 

The landscape of online customer communities boasts a vast array of options, with over 150 platforms aiming to meet your criteria. You can explore comprehensive lists on websites like G2 or Trust Radius by searching keywords such as 'community platform,' 'external community,' 'best online community platforms,' and similar phrases. However, based on our extensive experience, we highly recommend considering the aforementioned five platforms during your evaluation and selection process.

Should you require any assistance in choosing the right platform, please don't hesitate to contact Social Edge Consulting. We're eager to partner with you in this endeavor.

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