Customer Panel Recap: Building Better Use Cases

Amara Lennon

On Wednesday, June 19th Social Edge hosted our first Customer Panel on how to build better use cases in your online community. We were lucky to have panelists Dina Vekaria and Dori Gray, Community Managers at Pearson and Medidata respectively, present their community management tips and tricks and use case best practices. Attendees were also able to see live demos of both Dina and Dori's communities, Pearson's Neo and Medidata Express. 

Attendance was great and our attendees were engaged throughout the session. At the end of the presentations we had time for an open floor discussion and Dina and Dori were able to answer questions that were coming in throughout the session from attendees. We even ended up extending the panel another fifteen minutes to make sure everyone had a chance to ask their questions and have them answered! 

Some highlights from our panelists included: 

Dina Vekaria presenting Pearson Neo

Dina presented a content calendar she uses to plan out content in advance to ensure that information and news in the community is fresh and up to date. Dina also talked about repurposing content - one example she shared was how she took Pearson's PDF newsletter and transformed it into a Jive document in the community so it's easy for employees to find and access it internally. 

During Dina's live demo of Neo, she shared a variety of different examples that show how she's continuing to innovate in her internal community, including Welcome to Pearson, the Pearson Innovation Hub, and the Pearson Global Advocates Hub.

Check out some of the awesome screenshots below!

Dori Gray presenting Medidata Express

Dori shared her tips on consistency in the community. At Medidata, all of the App Support spaces have the seem look and feel so it's easy for employees to go from place to place and know exactly where they can find what they need without having to dig around for it.

Dori also presented Medidata's Event Hub - a one-stop shop that houses all of the official corporate events happening at Medidata, making it easy for employees to be able to go there and see what's happening that week, month, etc. 

Another initiative for Dori at Medidata was to end all of those never-ending "reply all" emails. Working with her community intern, they were able to implement departmental collaboration groups for employees to use instead of continuing to communicate via email.

Check out more examples of how Dori is innovating in Medidata Express below! 

We were really pleased with both the turnout and the awesome presentations from our community manager superstars.

You can catch up on the panel and see their live demos by watching the recording here!