Stop spamming your colleagues

Andrew Kratz

When you start your day, how many emails do you delete after just a quick skim or without even opening them? How many emails were you NOT cc'ed on but should have been? (A question you often don't know the answer to until it is too late).

Has it occurred to you that it is not up to you to decide which emails you receive at work (or in your personal life, for that matter)? The sender is 100% responsible for making the choice that you are interested (or not) in their content. Isn't that a little crazy?

Wouldn't it make more sense if you, as a user, could influence what information you want to receive? You would certainly know best what you need to see to be the most productive at work. How about we stop accepting that this is the best we can do.

With a community platform for your employees or clients, the users can have much more control over this inbound email issue. Users can follow or subscribe to updates from people they need to hear from, such as an internal client. They can follow departments of interest for updates. A user can even follow an internal subject matter expert. The user can be notified when new content is created, or existing content is updated.

As a sender or leader with a message, there are still ways to direct content to specific people or groups to ensure they will see it. But by using a community platform, you will be providing your employees with a modern communication tool to help improve overall productivity. Employees will not have to waste time deleting unwanted emails. More importantly, they will stay connected with people and content that is important to them.