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Discover the Magic of Top-down and Bottom-up Communications with a Social Intranet

Andrew Kratz talks about top-down and bottom-up communication and the magic they create inside a community-based intranet.

How Social Interactions Can Lead to Better Business Outcomes

Some business leaders have expressed the concern that social interactions in an employee community will result in a loss of productivity. In this blog post, Andrew Kratz shares a story on how an interaction he had in such a social group ended up benefitting his organization and led to improved company outcomes.

Transparency Opens Doors: My First Community Story

Social Edge president Andrew Kratz shares a story about one of the first "aha" moments he had with his company's internal community. With a simple update he posted, he was able to form connections with employees he may not have had the opportunity to connect with otherwise. Learn more about the benefits of transparency in the workplace in his post.

Is a Community Right for Your Organization?

Andrew Kratz, president and founder of Social Edge Consulting, shares his thoughts on the business value of communities in the first of a series of blog posts. In this post, Andrew talks about how his social journey began, his background working with collaboration platforms, and two challenges the community platform industry faces.

Celebrate #CMAD in style... with a free tile!

Happy Community Management Appreciation Day! On this day of appreciation, we would like all Jive and Lithium JX clients to experience the benefits of a premium Tile by Social Edge. ‍‍Beginning today, you can purchase the Accordion Tile for zero dollars if you act by March 1, 2019. Don't wait - take advantage of this special offer today!

Social Network Analysis to Visualise the Jive Social Graph

Over recent years we’ve seen a focus on metrics showing more direct top and bottom line impacts and ROI for online communities. Jive's upcoming “PeopleGraph” promises to “re-establish people as the center of enterprise social networks." In this post, strategist Simon Scullion shows us how Jive's REST API can be used for Social Network Analysis.

GDPR is coming. Is your community ready?

We have developed GDPR Apps that enable you to manage and respond quickly to any data requests and provide a user with the ability to provide or withdraw consent to the use of their personal data. These apps make it easy to ensure your Jive instance is GDPR compliant, allowing you to fulfill your obligations as a data controller.

A New Year's Resolution all Community Managers can stick to in 2018

At the start of a new year, people tend to create resolutions for themselves, generally focused on things they want to do more, or less, of going forward. From new exercise regimens to kicking bad habits, these resolutions are typically focused on accomplishing new goals and overall self-improvement, providing a clean state to kick start their year. But why stop there?

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