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The results are in! And the 12th Tile winner is...

Thank you for your feedback on what our 12th tile should be! We really appreciate all of the input we've received from our clients and the AureaWorks community.‍‍ The insight we've received is important to us as we continue to grow and expand our portfolio of products. We are very excited to announce that Tile #12 will be... the Event Tile!

Stop spamming your colleagues

When you start your day, how many emails do you delete after just a quick skim or without even opening them? How many emails were you not cc'ed on but should have been? (A question you often don't know the answer to until it is too late). Learn more about how an internal collaboration platform can help ensure you get the communications you need.

Introducing Social Edge Products for Telligent

We are very excited to announce that we have recently launched a line of Social Edge products exclusively for the Telligent platform! These products are designed to enhance the user experience and visual aesthetic of your Telligent community. Learn more about the new products available for Telligent.

What should our 12th Tile be?

Earlier this year we added tiles #10 (Activity) and #11 (Video) to the Tile Pack. The big question from our clients is when will we add more new products! We are very excited to announce we are gearing up to launch a new tile - and we want your input on what it should be! Check out the blog to learn more and vote on our 12th Tile Survey.

15 Frequently Asked Questions on Platform Migrations

Migrating from one platform to another can seem daunting, but if you go into it with a clear strategy and organized content, it doesn't have to be. I interviewed Robert Hanson, Social Edge's collaboration technology architect and migration wiz, to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about migrating from one platform to another.

ICE Tour 2019

This June, we were fortunate to join our partner Igloo Software and our customers at the ICE Tour two-day regional user events held in Toronto and Los Angeles. It was a fantastic opportunity for Igloo customers to share their digital workplaces, lessons learned, and creative solutions for shared problems. Check out our event recaps to learn more.

Customer Panel Recap: Building Better Use Cases

On June 19th Social Edge hosted our first Customer Panel: Building Better Use Cases, featuring panelists Dina Vekaria and Dori Gray, Community Managers at Pearson and Medidata. They shared their use case best practices and presented live demos of their internal communities, Pearson Neo and Medidata Express. Check out the recap to learn more!

The Key Business Areas of a Modern Intranet

A modern intranet, also known as as a digital workplace, is a chance to level-up the communication platform for your company. Check out the key business areas typically included in today's modern intranet, such as corporate communications, HR, IT and more.

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