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5 ways Community Managers can practice self-care in 2020

Community Managers are the heart of any online community. As CMGRs, we love our jobs and are used to wearing many hats - from fostering engagement to facilitating member training sessions. In keeping with the theme of #CMAD2020, self-care, we wanted to share a few ideas from our team on how you can set your self up for success and prevent burn out.

Building a New Community: Where to Start?

Our team is often asked by new clients to help them apply social business to their organization. The client leadership team recognizes that social media and collaboration are more than just a trend. Learn more about where you should start if you're considering an internal community to meet your organization's digital transformation goals.

Coming soon! Slack Integration for Jive

Do your community members work in both Jive and Slack? If so, we have great news for you!‍ We're excited to announce that we have been working on a new product, our Slack Integration for Jive, which will enable you to now have the ability to connect any Jive space or group to a Slack channel in a workplace!

Tips for Implementing Common Use Cases in External Communities

What are the most common scenarios or use cases for an external-facing community? At Social Edge, we often work with external communities that are focused on customer support. While the nuances may vary from community to community, here’s what popular communities focus on.‍

A Recap of The CR Connect 2019

Last month, Social Edge was proud to be part of The Community Roundtable's CR Connect conference in Boston. The CR Connect is a three-day learning conference exclusively for online community practitioners - those engaged in the development, implementation, management, and measurement of community initiatives. Learn more in our conference recap!

The #1 Thing to do Before a Migration

Are you considering migrating from one platform to another, but unsure where to start? The concept of moving all of your content and users from one environment to another can seem daunting, but our experts work with you to simplify the process and ensure everything runs smoothly. The most important thing to do to get started? Audit your content.

The results are in! And the 12th Tile winner is...

Thank you for your feedback on what our 12th tile should be! We really appreciate all of the input we've received from our clients and the AureaWorks community.‍‍ The insight we've received is important to us as we continue to grow and expand our portfolio of products. We are very excited to announce that Tile #12 will be... the Event Tile!

Stop spamming your colleagues

When you start your day, how many emails do you delete after just a quick skim or without even opening them? How many emails were you not cc'ed on but should have been? (A question you often don't know the answer to until it is too late). Learn more about how an internal collaboration platform can help ensure you get the communications you need.

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