The Key Business Areas of a Modern Intranet

Below are the top business areas we have seen implemented for a modern intranet solution when first launching:

  • Corporate Communications: Alignment of employees to management direction
  • Human Resources: HR portal functionality including access to key HR information (benefits, payroll, talent, performance, etc.), quick access to HR tools, HR topic Q&A, and geo-based HR as appropriate.
  • Staff On-Boarding: Often for sales but sometimes across all of Human Resources. Clients are interested to streamline the time it takes to create productive team members and leverage community to shorten the enablement time.
  • IT Portal: An overview of IT services, policies, IT self-service, and management direction/thought leadership
  • Sales Enablement: Providing key information to sales team members in appropriate formats and timing.
  • Learning and Development: Client's leverage a community to supplementing the client's LMS (learning management system)
  • Compelling Event: This might be a town-hall, internal sales conference, M&A action.  All good ways to get started
  • Project-based Use Case: We often encourage new community owners to also select a "bottom-up" use case to demonstrate how small teams or departments can quickly organize their content and tasks based on a project or how they work each day. Check out this post for more on this topic.

A modern intranet, also described as a digital workplace, is a chance to level-up the communication platform for your company. It provides employees with a more effective way to collaborate with peers on the work they do every day. It allows management at the corporate or department level to express their vision and engage with employees on the organization's mission.